Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's a Guy Thing ~ August TCN

For those who missed this month's Therapy Card Nite, here they are! All kinds of cards for the guys in your life!!! If you are like me, you need them badly!!! I have 2 boys and 10 nephews!!! I need guy cards!!! Boys don't care for flowers and cutesy cards much let alone a teenager!!! So I think we got a good array for all this month.

This card has that rough embossed look to it and makes a great teen card!
Here is the Make a Monster card that I cased from the catalog and changed up just a bit. Did you notice? This is good for any boy in your life!!!

For those guys who love the grrreat outdoors, this is a card for them. It's also great for any guy you may have in mind.

And for those boys who love the dirt, here's one just for them.

Can't forget those handymen in our lives regardless if it's our fathers, husbands, or sons, this is a great card "tool" thank them for their work.
Hope you enjoyed these cards and if you missed TCN be sure to sign for September's Wheelie Wonderful Therapy Card Nite!!!

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julie schmeiser said...

These cards were so great I accidently put them up so I could do them at a later time and forgot where I put them. I found them today and put them together so are so cute I love doing cards the manly card with the tools that was my favorite.