Saturday, May 31, 2014

Quintin's Senior Prom 2014

Although this is a year late in posting, how can I not post this!  Yes you are seeing this right!!!  He is dressed up in the orange tux from "Dumb and Dumber".  Ever since he saw this movie he said he wanted to wear this tux for his senior prom and guess what?  He did!  Everyone loved it!  Some knew right away what tux it was from, but most thought it was a mad hatter type of tux.  He didn't care, he had a blast in it!  He actually wanted to buy instead of rent it!!!  Yes, he would wear it believe it or not.  So it would not of been money wasted.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Store Boutique

Can I just say I LOVE this thinlit die!!!  Yes, it took me a while to break down and buy this die, but I love it and see it being used often.  This is a super, easy, cute card that can be thrown together quickly for almost any occasion.  Granted, I did use some expired DSP (remember I am trying to use it up...), but this makes a super cute dress with a cardigan.  This card can be stepped up very easily with some pearls or gems for a necklace or even cut out a flower from the DSP and use on the cardigan....

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fancy Dance

This was one of the first dress card CASES I ever did using the Scallop Circle Die.  It was years ago and I haven't pulled it out in a while, but with my "For the Girls" Therapy Card Nite dress cards it went over well.  I did see where someone cut the slit and used the window word punch behind to make it look like the slip showing through, that I did CASE.  Thought it was cute.  I did this card with more sophisticated colors of black and gray with the silver belt and pearls for the accents.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Day

OH HAPPY DAY!!!  Today I am running/walking in a 5K to celebrate my 5 years of healing with my back.  I had degenerative disk disease and had had 2 back surgeries that pretty much left me unable to do much.  Literally!!!  I couldn't lift my arm/hands above my head, couldn't hardly walk for long periods of time let alone at a reasonable pace, sit or stand for long periods.  I was in chronic pain all the time and was on A LOT of pain meds and muscle relaxers just to make it through a day.  Was told that was just how it was going to be for the rest of my life and that I would have more surgeries as needed as my back was pretty messed up after getting a better look at it during my second surgery.  We had a revival meeting at our church 5 years ago that I almost didn't make it to.  I ended up taking extra meds so I could atleast go for one night.  It was a good service that I remember, but don't recall the details (if that makes any sense).  Then at the end of service, Mickey Robinson, the guy from the revival meeting, called me out for prayer.  All I remember is that he said I wasn't there by accident and then I was out.  When I came to, I just knew God had or was going to do something special ( I thought for our church which in a way it was), I just wasn't sure what.  The next day was Sunday  and I woke with a feeling of expectation!!!  I went downstairs, as I am usually up before everyone else, and turned on my worship music.  While it was playing I started dancing around a little bit and I got excited and jumped.  Understand that is like shockwaves going thru my body and will pretty much put me out for a while, but it didn't hurt!  So I jumped a little bit again and it still didn't hurt at all!!!  So I jumped again, but this time hard, high and on purpose and it DID NOT HURT!!!  I threw my hands in the air with no pain and with ease...I started running around and absolutely NO PAIN whatsoever in my body!!!  Understand I had been living with this for over 7 years!!!!  I could hardly contain my excitement....went to church and everyone there who had seen me go through the surgeries and watched me in pain at church every week got to witness a great miracle.  Yes, today I am still healed and working at a job and working out.  I started running last fall and decided to celebrate I am going to participate in a 5K.  This is for our homeless shelter and so it is for a great cause.  Even if I do end up walking a bit.  I am almost up to running 2 miles and the run is in 2 weeks.  I am so excited as I know what this is meaning for me even if no one else does.

So to help celebrate here is a HAPPY DAY card....

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Business Attire...

Found this on pintrest also and LOVED it!  I made one up and then made a template for my girls to make one for Therapy Card Nite!!!  This showcases our DSP great along with double sided ribbon (not SU).  This way the girls could pick the one they liked best.  Our theme for the month was For the Girls and each card showcased dresses!  This month was alot of fun...

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sympathy and Easter

So here is a card I've done before, but I really like this.  I've changed the color and made one as an Easter Card and one for a Sympathy Card.  Loved the punch aspect in making these cards.  Simple, quick, and easy...with a great WOW factor!!!