Friday, April 3, 2009


I've tried 4 times now to upload my latest project on here and the picture is all messed up. So I will try again later today. I was blog surfing and came across Lauren Meader and saw this cute little box with a cupcake in it. I thought, I could do that! So after spending half a day playing around trying to get the box right, I finally got it! Yeah!!! Then I get a phone call from the school telling me that Quintin's tooth is really hurting and we should call the dentist (Wednesday). Mind you, we just had our check ups 2 days prior (Monday). He woke up in the night saying that his tooth hurt and I just thought, well you just had a check up maybe they aggrivated that tooth or gum area. Called the dentist and it ended up being a tooth that had a filling 3 years ago that NOW needed a root canal! So I rush him up to Iowa City to be fitted in the emergency list. Figured we'd have this done in a day, but no! He had a bad infection so they only did a partial and we would need to go back and have it finished the day after Easter. Well, yesterday I get a call from the school again because it is still hurting BAD. Call the dentist to let him know and he wants us to come back up to Iowa City (mind you it is 1 1/2 hour drive) so he can see if he needs to drain it some more. Which he did. Poor Quintin, he's been in pain all week with this tooth. The dentist said it will probably hurt for a few more days as this infection goes away. So I've been gone the last 2 days with my cupcake in a box just sitting here waiting!

So check back later and hopefully it will post the "whole" picture so you can all see it!

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